Annual Report 2020

Key performance indicators

The key financial indicators for measuring the operating financial performance of the Daimler Group, in addition to EBIT and revenue, are the free cash flow of the industrial business, investment in property, plant and equipment, and expenditure for research and development. In addition, adjusted return on equity and new business are the key performance indicators for Daimler Mobility.

In addition to the financial indicators, we use various non-financial indicators to help us manage the Group. Of particular importance in this respect are the unit sales of our automotive divisions, which we use as the basis for our capacity and human resources planning. In 2021, we will also begin using the CO2 emissions of our total passenger new car fleet in Europe (European Union, Norway and Iceland) as a key performance indicator in order to take the increased importance of the indicator — in particular with respect to sustainability — into account in the controlling of the Group.

Details of the development of non-financial performance indicators can be found in the chapters »Economic Conditions and Business Development« and »Non-Financial Declaration«.

B.03 Cost of capital

2020 2019
In percent
Group, after taxes 8 8
Industrial businesses, before taxes 12 12
Daimler Mobility, before taxes 12 13

Financial performance measures
Declaration on Corporate Governance