Annual Report 2020

CO2 emissions of the new-car fleet in Europe

In 2020, the average CO2 emissions of our new car fleet in Europe (European Union, United Kingdom, Norway and Iceland) probably decreased to 104 g/km with application of the applicable legal regulations for the respective year (NEDC, including vans registered as passenger cars). We therefore achieved the CO2 targets in the European Union in 2020. Transition from the current NEDC to the new WLTP test procedure is foreseen for the year 2021. This will involve the adjustment of fuel-consumption targets and rising certification figures. On the basis of WLTP, we expect our fleet average in Europe (European Union, Norway and Iceland) to decrease again significantly in 2021 compared with the comparable figures for the previous year calculated according to WLTP (probably between 130 and 140 g/km, based on preliminary figures for fuel consumption in 2020 taking into account the statutory regulations of 2021). This development will be driven in particular by the rising proportion of battery-electric vehicle models and plug-in hybrids in our new-car fleet.

Capital expenditure and research activities
Overall statement on future development