Annual Report 2020

Risk and Opportunity Report

The Daimler Group is exposed to a large number of risks that are directly linked with the business activities of Daimler AG and its subsidiaries or which result from external influences. A risk is understood as the danger that events, developments or actions will prevent the Group or one of its segments from achieving its targets. This includes financial and non-financial risks. At the same time, it is important to identify opportunities in order to safeguard and enhance the competitiveness of the Daimler Group. An opportunity is understood as the possibility due to events, developments or actions to safeguard or to surpass the planned targets of the Group or of a segment.

In order to identify business risks and opportunities at an early stage and to assess and manage them actively, effective management and control systems, which have been brought together in an overall risk and opportunity management system, are applied. Risks and opportunities are not offset.

B.58 Assessment of probability of occurrence / possible impact

Level Probability of occurrence
Low 0% < Probability of occurrence ≤ 33%
Medium 33% < Probability of occurrence ≤ 66%
High 66% < Probability of occurrence < 100%
Level Possible impact
Low €0 < Impact < €500 million
Medium €500 million ≤ Impact < €1 billion
High Impact ≥ €1 billion
Takeover-Relevant Information and Explanation
Risk and opportunity management system