Annual Report 2020

Integrity as a guiding principle

We are firmly convinced that we can only be successful over the long term if we fulfill not only our economic and environmental responsibilities but also our responsibility to society. In times of change and upheaval especially, we need to have values that provide us with orientation. For us, this involves more than just obeying laws, as we also seek to align our activities with shared principles and values. For Daimler, integrity means doing the right thing by acting on our values. New technologies and business models offer tremendous opportunities, but at the same time they pose questions — for example, with regard to ethical and legal topics. Our inner values and attitudes are put to the test when such issues arise. By means of our technical Compliance Management System, or tCMS for short, we want to ensure that our products conform with regulations and legal requirements. Our Data Compliance Management System enables us to support new topics from the beginning, provide the maximum possible clarity and avoid mistakes. The responsible use of data has top priority in these efforts.

All of the divisions have formulated strategies or intensified existing ones on the basis of their earnings and growth targets, our commitment to sustainability, and CO2-neutral mobility and integrity as guiding principles.

Sustainability as an integral part of our corporate strategy
Mercedes-Benz Cars strategy