Annual Report 2020

Daimler Mobility strategy 2025

The strategic foundation of Daimler Mobility is our ambition to inspire our customers with best-in-class financial and mobility services that are intuitive, flexible and digital. No matter whether we offer financing and leasing services, insurance or fleet management, our private and commercial customers should be able to rely on the fact that our products are simple and self-evident, that they are ideally suitable for their living conditions or business model, and that they can be accessed everywhere and at all times by means of smartphones, tablets or desktop computers.

Our Daimler Mobility 2025 strategy concentrates our activities on our core business in the areas of financing, leasing and insurance. Fleet management, rental and subscription solutions, and mobility investments remain important additions to our portfolio.

Ensuring our customers’ utmost satisfaction and loyalty is crucial for our business success. We want to be the best service provider in the captive leasing and financing business. As a marketing intermediary, our objective is to continue to finance or lease one in two of the vehicles sold by the Group. Moreover, we are striving to achieve additional growth with our services for the used-car and fleet business as well as for insurance. We will support the market success of our electric vehicles by customized leasing and financing products. In the field of digitalization, our goal is to fully digitize all customer interactions as well as the associated internal processes that they require.

To do so, we are focusing on four areas of action:

Drive transformation

We will consistently develop our online business and promote the transition to electric mobility and sustainability. Mercedes-Benz Cars aims to sell 25 % of its vehicles online by 2025. We want to support it in the achievement of this goal and provide a smooth digital customer experience from a single source. Among other things, we want to make sure that Daimler Mobility is climate-neutral by the end of 2022. We are offering an uncomplicated and flexible entry into the world of electric mobility in the form of our Mercedes-EQ subscriptions.

Increase efficiency

We will consistently digitize, automate and consolidate the procedures and loan approval processes throughout the company. To do so, we will radically reduce the diversity of our products. We will systematically streamline our organization and thus make it faster and more powerful.

Enhance core business

We want to defend and increase our market share of Daimler’s vehicle sales by, for example, expanding the pre-owned vehicle financing and fleet management activities and by clearly focusing on customer loyalty.

Strengthen corporate culture

For us, the focus is on our employees and their qualifications as well as on our management culture and the corporate values they’re based on. That’s because in the final analysis you can only have the best products, leanest processes and most satisfied customers if you have the best and most highly motivated team. We will therefore continue to strive to be a top employer in the future.

We intend to use our divisional strategies to shape the transformation of the automotive industry from a position of leadership in a sustainable, customer-focused, innovative and efficient manner.

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