Annual Report 2020

The role of Daimler AG

The transformation of our industry is requiring us to take quick, agile and customer-focused action. Our implementation of “Project Future” turned our previous divisions into three legally separate units (Mercedes-Benz AG, Daimler Truck AG and Daimler Mobility AG) under the roof of Daimler AG, which is listed on the stock exchange. In this way, we have strengthened our entrepreneurial freedom, intensified our market and customer orientation, and made it easier for the new divisions to enter into partnerships. In this new role, Daimler AG serves as an operational and strategic management holding that performs the governance and steering functions and thus creates the framework for the new divisions. Some organizations will be retained at this central level, especially the higher-level units in the functions Finance and Controlling, Human Resources, and Integrity and Legal. In this way, Daimler AG ensures a uniform and centrally managed corporate finance system, sets the scope for the long-term return and growth targets, and determines how funds will be allocated. The aim is to boost the company’s value on a sustained basis.

Objectives and Strategy
Sustainability as an integral part of our corporate strategy