Overall statement on future development

We have implemented our strategy with great determination in recent years, thus creating the basis for further growth:

  • We are very well positioned in our markets with innovative products and services. We are increasingly succeeding in addressing new target groups, utilizing additional market potential and strengthening our market position worldwide.
  • In particular with autonomous driving, we have gained a competitive advantage with pioneering innovations. This is demonstrated also by the innovative concept vehicles we presented in the year 2016.
  • With the efficiency programs that have been implemented in all divisions in recent years, we have improved our cost structures on a sustained basis and thus laid the foundations for a high level of profitability. This means that we have created a sound financial basis for further profitable growth.
  • Through the digitization of the entire value chain, we are now able to shorten the development process, and to make production more flexible and marketing and sales channels more direct. By making intelligent use of constantly rising volumes of data while linking up all elements of the value chain, we are gaining further efficiency advantages, improving quality and facilitating the flexibilization of the entire production process.
  • We will once again increase our advance expenditure for the future of the Daimler Group, on the basis of our healthy business development. In particular in the strategic, future-oriented areas of connectivity, autonomous driving, flexible use and services, and electric drive, as well as by intelligently linking up those areas, we will therefore play a leading role also in the future.
  • Together with the workforce, we are developing a new leadership culture under the heading of Leadership 2020 that will allow us to successfully shape our future. In this way, we are meeting the challenges of the digital world and creating the basis for cultural changes at the Group.

Against this backdrop, we look to the year 2017 with confidence. We anticipate higher unit sales, revenue and earnings than in the previous year.