Leadership 2020: together into the future

Those who talk about change also need to deliver change!

The world is changing rapidly. The way we work, obtain information and communicate is also becoming faster and more direct and is taking place in real time. Daimler is more successful than ever and plans to continue keeping pace with the latest developments. In fact, we plan to set the pace in the automotive industry — just as we have done for the past 130 years. That’s one of the reasons why we have a new goal: to establish a new management culture — a culture that ensures we will remain successful in the future as well.

Eight game changers will transform our organization in key areas. New principles of leadership will serve as the foundation for our conduct and actions at Daimler. These principles of leadership are as follows: driven to win, agility, customer orientation, co-creation, empowerment, learning, pioneering spirit and purpose.

Leadership 2020: The transformation now has a name and a mission. We have been engaged in constant activity and dialogue since January 2016 — across all hierarchies and national borders, in a digital, transparent and networked manner. Above all, we’ve focused on authenticity and tried to make sure that every employee can see and understand our eff orts. Leadership 2020 means change. Initial results have already been achieved. Daimler is undergoing a transformation that’s being supported by all employees for all employees.

1.2 Leadership2020 Group
In workshops, forums and special events being held on a regular basis, representatives of the Leadership 2020 Community are exchanging ideas on how to eff ectively implement the eight new game-changing principles of leadership. One idea being discussed here is how swarm organizations might ensure greater agility and fl exibility throughout the company in the future.
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