Daimler AG

Condensed version according to the German Commercial Code (HGB)

In addition to reporting on the Daimler Group, the development of Daimler AG is also described in this section.

Daimler AG is the parent company of the Daimler Group and is domiciled in Stuttgart. Its principal business activities comprise the development, production and distribution of cars, vans and trucks in Germany and the management of the activities of the Daimler Group.

The vehicles are produced at the domestic plants of Daimler AG, as well as under contract-manufacturing agreements by domestic and foreign subsidiaries and by producers of special vehicles. Daimler AG distributes its products through its own sales-and-service network, which is organized in seven regional centers for cars and seven for commercial vehicles, through foreign sales subsidiaries and through third parties.

The annual financial statements of Daimler AG are prepared in accordance with the German Commercial Code (HGB). The consolidated financial statements are prepared in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), as adopted by the European Union (EU). This results in some differences with regard to recognition and measurement, primarily relating to intangible assets, provisions, financial instruments, the leasing business and deferred taxes.

The main performance indicators for Daimler AG are unit sales, revenue and net profit.

Financial Position