Other compliance issues

It is very important to Daimler to minimize all legal and economic risks. Along with the issues described above, our Compliance Management System therefore also addresses other issues, such as compliance with our data protection policy and data protection legislation, the prevention of money laundering and compliance with sanctions lists.

Data protection compliance

The Corporate Data Protection department provides worldwide support to all Group companies and helps ensure compliance with data protection requirements. The Chief Officer Corporate Data Protection is independent and reports directly to the Board of Management member for Integrity and Legal Affairs. The annual data protection report is submitted to the Supervisory Board. Our Corporate Data Protection Policy creates Group-wide standards for handling the data of employees, customers and business partners, and also meets the requirements of current European data protection laws. Preparations are now under way for implementation of the new European data protection regulation that will go into effect in May 2018. The Corporate Data Protection department is the point of contact for data protection complaints. It also carries out checks and audits, raises employees’ awareness of data protection and advises the relevant specialist departments. Product-related advice focuses on data protection for connected vehicles and automated driving functions, as well as mobility services.

Anti-money laundering compliance

Our Anti-Money Laundering Policy is designed to prevent money laundering and the financing of terrorism in the trade with goods and in activities carried out by Daimler Financial Services. It is meant to proving that legislation in various countries is complied with throughout the Group, and that internal regulations that go beyond such legislation are complied with as well. The Chief Compliance Officer serves as the Anti-money laundering officer of Daimler AG as a distributor of goods. An Anti-Money Laundering Policy of competence supports the Chief Compliance Officer in the management and coordination of money laundering prevention measures. The Divisional Compliance Office Financial Services coordinates and supports the implementation of the Anti-Money Laundering Policy at Daimler Financial Services.

Sanctions compliance

We have introduced a risk-focused, system-based process at relevant specialist departments and Daimler AG-controlled holdings that ensures compliance with EU and US sanctions and internal regulations. The Center of Competence CSL (Checks against Sanctions Lists/Sanctions Compliance) provides implementation support to the relevant specialist departments and the Daimler AG-controlled holdings.



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