Technical compliance

As part of our efforts to continuously improve our products, technologies and organization, we repeatedly examine new development possibilities and also optimize our processes. This includes adjusting and improving our existing Compliance Management System — for example in terms of compliance with technical regulations.

In order to address the specific risks associated with the product development process, we combined all existing systems and additional measures and processes at Mercedes-Benz Cars into a technical Compliance Management System (tCMS) during the reporting year. This system includes fundamental principles and elements intended to ensure ethical conduct and work processes throughout the Group and compliance with applicable laws. Measures are currently under way to introduce the tCMS at Mercedes-Benz Vans, Daimler Trucks and Daimler Buses.

Our technical Compliance Management System helps create clarity with regard to compliance with technical regulations and also offers guidance with regard to these regulations, which can be very complicated. These questions are jointly examined and answered in an interdisciplinary process that takes into account legal and technical criteria. The tCMS addresses both the complexity of regulatory requirements and ongoing developments in the automotive industry.

Employees at Group Research and Development are supported here by a network of disseminators — direct contact partners for questions concerning technical compliance in their areas of responsibility. This network of disseminators is being expanded throughout the Group. We also employ various communication measures to raise awareness among selected target groups. Such measures include special dialogue events and guidelines on integrity, compliance and legal considerations in the product development process. For example, some 3,600 employees at Mercedes-Benz Cars Development had taken part in classroom training courses on technical compliance by the end of 2017.

Technical compliance is managed Group-wide by an internal team consisting of employees with expertise in various fields, such as development, legal affairs, integrity and compliance. The Board of Management members responsible for Integrity and Legal Affairs and Group Research and Development receive regular reports on the status of the technical Compliance Management System.

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