Health management and safety at the workplace

We want to maintain our employees’ health and physical well-being for the long term. To this end, the Daimler Group has uniform preventive healthcare standards in place worldwide.

As part of Daimler AG’s health management approach, we develop and implement anticipatory solutions that range from the job-related “Daimler GesundheitsCheck” and the ergonomic design of workstations to the IT system that makes it easier to permanently reintegrate employees suffering from limitations imposed by their health.

Our Health & Safety unit is responsible for occupational health and safety, company health-promotion efforts, ergonomics, counseling service and integration management. Health management and work safety are also governed by our risk management systems.

Company health promotion is aimed at motivating employees to develop healthy lifestyles and reinforcing their sense of personal responsibility regarding health issues. This objective is promoted worldwide with the help of campaigns, counseling and qualification offerings, as well as therapeutic and rehabilitation measures. All of our plants in Germany have health centers on their premises or cooperate with health centers located near the plants.

Occupational safety is firmly embedded at all levels of Daimler and is addressed by an extensive portfolio of measures for the prevention of work accidents, work-related illnesses and occupational diseases. Our Center of Competence Safety creates the associated Group-wide guidelines. We have standardized key occupational health and safety processes in order to enable the creation and advancement of integrated processes and systems. Every manager at Daimler is responsible for ensuring that all internal guidelines and legal requirements for occupational health and safety are complied with.

Every organizational unit within the Daimler Group has to approve and pursue occupational safety objectives on a regular basis in accordance with our globally valid occupational health and safety guidelines and occupational safety strategy and the results of internal audits and reviews. The content and criteria of our internal occupational safety management system correspond to the standards of BS OHSAS 18001 and are regularly updated.

The Board of Management receives a Health & Safety report at regular intervals and is, among other things, given monthly updates about the frequency of accidents. A Group crisis unit, in which the Board of Management is also involved, enables Daimler to respond quickly to various incidents such as serious accidents and pandemics.

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