Conservation of resources

Consistently high recyclability

To make our vehicles more environmentally friendly, we are working to continuously reduce the resources our automobiles consume over their entire life cycles.

During the development process of a vehicle, we prepare a recycling concept for each vehicle model in which all of its components and materials are examined with a view to their suitability for the various stages of the recycling process. As a result, all Mercedes-Benz car models are up to 85 % recyclable and up to 95 % recoverable.

The key aspects of our activities in the area of recycling are:

  • the resale of tested and certified used parts through the Mercedes-Benz Used Parts Center (GTC),
  • the remanufacturing of used parts, and
  • the workshop waste disposal system MeRSy (Mercedes-Benz Recycling System).
Environmental protection in production
Clean air