Sustainable corporate management

Sustainable corporate governance

Our sustainability objectives and their management are part of our corporate governance system and are also incorporated into the targets of our executives.

The Corporate Sustainability Board (CSB) is our central management body for all sustainability issues. The CSB is headed by Renata Jungo Brüngger (the Board of Management member responsible for Integrity and Legal Affairs) and Ola Källenius (the Board of Management member responsible for Group Research & Mercedes-Benz Cars Development). The operational work is done by the Corporate Sustainability Office (CSO), which consists of representatives from the specialist units and the business divisions.

Integrity, compliance and legal responsibility are the cornerstones of our sustainable corporate governance and serve as the basis of all our actions. Our Integrity Code defines the guidelines for our daily business conduct, offers our employees orientation and helps them make the right decisions even in difficult business situations. The Integrity Code is supplemented by other in-house principles and guidelines.

The ten principles of the UN Global Compact provide a fundamental guideline for our business operations. As a founding member and part of the LEAD group, we are strongly committed to the Global Compact. Our internal principles and guidelines are founded on this international frame of reference and other international principles, including the Core Labor Standards of the International Labor Association (ILO) and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.

Sustainability in our supply chain
Our sustainability strategy 2030