Unit sales

Mercedes-Benz Cars aims to continue along its growth path in 2019. We intend to slightly increase our total unit sales, thus reaching a new record level. The basis for this, and for ongoing sales success worldwide, is our attractive and innovative model portfolio.

Mercedes-Benz intends to launch more than a dozen new and upgraded automobiles in 2019. There should be a positive impact on unit sales in particular from models such as the new B-Class, the A-Class sedan and the eighth model in the compact-car segment. We are also well positioned in 2019 in the growing segment of sports utility vehicles. The new GLE and the new GLS should make a contribution here, as well as the popular and upgraded GLC. Mercedes-AMG should guarantee our success in the high-performance segment once again in the year 2019: More and more customers are fascinated by the broad and appealing range of automobiles offered by our sports-car and high-performance brand, which we are continuously developing.

We are systematically expanding our worldwide production network for electric mobility. Under the product and technology brand EQ, which stands for “Electric Intelligence,” we will offer not only vehicles but also services in connection with electric mobility. By the year 2022, we want to electrify the entire portfolio of Mercedes-Benz Cars. Our goal is to offer our customers various electrified alternatives in each segment – from the smart to the compact cars to the large SUVs. We plan to have a total of more than 130 electrified models in our portfolio by the year 2022. This will include all-electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids and models with 48-volt technology. By the year 2025, depending on the development of the public infrastructure and on customer preferences, 15 to 25 % of the cars we sell are to be purely electric. To achieve that, we plan to launch more than ten all-electric cars on the market.

Following the changeover in the United States and Canada, the smart brand will be based solely on electric drive by the year 2020. The battery-electric smart models are making the entry into electric mobility more attractive than ever. They combine the agility of a smart with locally emission-free driving – the ideal combination for urban mobility.

Daimler Trucks anticipates further growth in total unit sales in 2019, with a slight increase compared with the previous year. In the NAFTA region, we expect to be able to increase our sales again slightly compared with the previous year. In Brazil, we expect our sales volumes to significantly exceed the previous year’s low level. In the EU30 region, our sales should be slightly above the prior-year level. In India, we once again anticipate a significant increase in unit sales for 2019. In Japan and Indonesia, we expect to achieve approximately the same sales volumes as in the previous year. After the considerable economic uncertainty of the past year, we anticipate a slight decrease in unit sales in Turkey.

Mercedes-Benz Vans plans to significantly increase its unit sales in the year 2019. Growth is expected to be strong in the United States. We anticipate slight growth in the EU30 region. Sales growth in the year 2019 should be helped in particular by the new Sprinter, which was launched in mid-2018.

Daimler Buses assumes it will be able to defend its market leadership in its most important traditional core markets for buses above 8 tons. We anticipate significant growth in total unit sales in 2019. We assume that unit sales will increase slightly in the EU30 region and significantly in India. Unit sales in Latin America (excluding Mexico) are expected to be at the prior-year level.

Daimler Financial Services aims to achieve ongoing growth in the coming years. In 2019, we expect further growth in contract volume and a slight increase in new business. We are opening up new market potential through more flexible leasing and rental products with the option of moving to new vehicles at shorter intervals. We intend to generate additional growth by expanding our online sales channels and with telematics-based products for insurance and fleet management. We continue to see good growth opportunities also in the mobility segment.

On the basis of our assumptions concerning the development of automotive markets and the divisions’ planning, we expect the Daimler Group to slightly increase its total unit sales in 2019.

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