Shareholders and the Shareholders' Meeting

The shareholders exercise their membership rights, in particular their information and voting rights, at the Shareholders’ Meeting. Each share in Daimler AG entitles its owner to one vote. There are no multiple voting rights, preferred voting rights, or maximum voting rights at Daimler AG. Documents and information related to the Shareholders’ Meeting can be found on our website at The Annual Shareholders’ Meeting is generally held within four months of the end of a financial year.

The Company facilitates the personal exercise of the shareholders’ rights and proxy voting in a variety of ways, such as by appointing Company proxies who are strictly bound by the shareholders’ voting instructions and who are available during the Shareholders’ Meeting. Absentee voting is also possible. It is possible to authorize the Daimler-appointed proxies and give them voting instructions or to cast absentee votes by using the e-service for shareholders.

We maintain close contacts with our shareholders in the context of our comprehensive investor relations and public relations activities. We regularly and comprehensively inform our shareholders, financial analysts, shareholder associations, the media and the interested public about the situation of the Group, and inform them without delay about any significant changes in its business. Within reasonable limits, the Chairman of the Supervisory Board is also prepared to talk to investors about specific Supervisory Board issues.

In addition to other methods of communication, we also make extensive use of the Company’s website for our investor relations activities. All of the important information disclosed in 2019, including annual and interim reports, press releases, voting rights notifications from major shareholders, presentations, and audio recordings of analyst and investor events and conference calls, as well as the financial calendar, can be found at All the dates of important disclosures such as annual reports and interim reports and the dates of the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting, the annual press conference and the analyst conferences are announced in advance in the financial calendar. The financial calendar can also be found inside the rear cover of the Annual Report.

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