Employee Issues

The success of Daimler AG and its subsidiaries is largely dependent on the skills and commitment of its employees. Almost 300,000 people promote our company’s success worldwide by contributing their concepts and ideas to their respective tasks and work processes and by helping to make improvements and create innovations. Trusting relationships with employees are therefore more than just an ethical and legal requirement for us - without them we would not be able to conduct our business successfully.

In order to be able to recruit, further develop, and retain qualified employees, we seek to present ourselves around the globe as an attractive employer and to motivate our employees to achieve top performance in the digital world. Our management staff play a key role here, so it is crucial that we equip our managers with outstanding leadership capabilities. In addition, we want to take on our social responsibility and let diversity flourish in our global company.

We want to reach these overarching goals by employing efficient processes. One of the control tools we use is our HR Scorecard, which uses key performance indicators (KPIs) concerning e.g. demographic development, diversity, and employer attractiveness. This enables us to evaluate the sustainability of human resources measures and processes in the individual areas of action. These are derived from our HR Strategy (See graphic E. 02). HR-eData Manager Reports serve as another control tool. These reports are available to all managers as a self-service feature. They contain KPIs and detailed information on managers’ personal areas of responsibility.

Daimler AR2019 E.03 HR Strategy 2025

General figures regarding the development of our workforce numbers can be found in the »Workforce« section of the Management Report.

Our Group-wide employee survey is a key indicator of where we currently stand from the point of view of our employees and what we need to do to improve the company in the future. The survey is conducted every two years, with the next one scheduled for 2020

Partnership with the employees
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